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Caslon Primary Community School

Beeches View Avenue


B63 2ES

Tel: 01384 818875

Email: info@caslon.dudley.sch.uk

Head Teacher: Mrs K Brass

Welcome to the Caslon Staff page. The staff at Caslon Primary are one of its most important assets, and we want to ensure that everyone working in our school community has all the necessary information to ensure that they are able to carry out their duties as effectively as possible.  

Staff procedures and policies   

It is important that new and current members of staff familiarise themselves with the Staff Handbook and the associated professional expectations, and similarly familiarise themselves with the other key school procedures and all policies shown below. The designated personnel for child protection are the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.

New staff members should, before they start employment with the school, confirm with the school that they have read these key policies.

Caslon Staff Page

Accident Reporting Policy

Anti Bullying Policy 2016

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy 2016

Behaviour - One Page

Classroom Management Policy

Behaviour - Rules And Routines

Behaviour - Ladder Of Sanctions

Charging And Remissions

Child Protection Policy 2016

Equal Opportunities Policy

E-Safety Policy

Medical Policy

Preventing Violent Extremism In School

Promoting British Values

Response To Incident Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy 2016

Behaviour - One Page Classroom Management Policy.pdf Behaviour - Rules And Routines.pdf Ladder Of Sanctions.pdf Charging And Remissions.pdf Preventing Violent Extremism In School.pdf Promoting British Values.pdf Response To Incident Policy.pdf SEN Policy 2016.pdf Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy 2017.pdf Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf E-Safety Policy.pdf Medical Policy.pdf Accident Reporting Procedure.pdf Anti Bullying Procedure.pdf Attendance Policy.pdf Behaviour Policy 2016.pdf

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